Natureprint - eco Decorations

Bio Print Green

Recycling, creating, innovating.

A range of decorations that are made from recycled plastic, renewable wood pulp and organic sugar cane. 

Plastic bottles and packaging made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) can be recycled into granules, while sugar cane and wood pulp is turned into bio material these are used in an extrusion printer to create 2D decorations. The strength of the material enables the decorations to be used outside protected from UV, moisture and temperature.

The technology allows us to produce bespoke designs that are created using a 3D printer. Anything from a flat star or snowflake decoration to complex designs, these can be combined with metal frames for added strength. With the materials available in a variety of colours the possibilities are endless, allowing creativity to flourish.

Best of all at the end of their life they can be recycled and the process can start again. The natural materials can be industrially composted, while the plastic can be recycled back into granules.

By combining these decorations with energy efficient LED lighting we can offer eco decorations that not only look good but minimize the impact on the environment.