Environment & Sustainability

Taking our responsibilities seriously

Christmas Creations recognises its responsibility for the environment ensuring compliance with all current and future legislation. We are committed to providing an essential quality service in a manner that ensures sustainable and environmental management is a valid part of all we do.

Commitments, Intent and Show of Support

  • To minimise carbon emissions employees are encouraged to use public transport and car share where possible

  • We are optimising the use of renewable solar energy; our power at our headquarters is provided by Solar panels

  • Energy efficient lighting in the form of low energy LED are used throughout Christmas Creations

  • Our Fresh Christmas trees are grown locally in Oxfordshire, this allows us to select the freshest trees and get them to

    the customer quickly and with minimal transportation

  • Our shatterproof baubles are made from recycled plastic and produced in Europe for reduced environmental impact

  • We are proud to work with a British manufacturer who produce our artificial garlands and wreaths

  • To reduce emissions our artificial Christmas trees are manufactured in Europe using recycled PVC material

  • Managing our tree consumption on the surrounding area and impact on the natural wildlife every fresh Christmas tree

    felled at least two are planted

  • We strive to operate a paperless office by sending documents electronically

  • Ensure our current electrical elements conform to the RoHS and WEEE directives

  • To maximise recycling opportunities and minimise waste sent to landfill it is segregated into separate streams: 

Vision, Goals and Objectives to achieve

  • Educate, train and promote employees about integrating environmental concerns and issues of their actions and how it impacts on their decisions, tasks and activities ensuring all work in an environmentally responsible manner

  • Communicate with local advisors to improve our overall environmental credentials, making a representative available for point of contact if required to encourage this

  • Promote materials that have future longevity such as raw materials, none corrosive and ones that are eco-friendly

  • Reduce the amount of waste produce at all times of practice by recycling and re-using existing products or purchasing

    recycled, recyclable and refurbished elements

  • Avoid use of unnecessary hazardous materials and products protecting all surrounding areas and persons when used,

    stored or disposing

  • Minimise noise, gases, liquids and fumes pollution emitted into the atmosphere where possible develop appropriate

    emergency cleaning and spillage responses

  • Monitor the usage of non-renewable produce, water and electricity.

  • Green waste – green waste is shredded on our site and composted down to use on neighbouring fields
  • Paper/Cardboard – Our paper and cardboard is sent to a local paper mill to be made into new paper, it is the oldest working paper mill in the England
  • Electrical – Lights and cables are sent to be recycled at the end of their life
  • Metal – Alloys and Ferrous metals are separated for recycling to have a second life
  • General waste – We are constantly reducing our general waste and have set a target of Net Zero by 2028.